Your 2022 Favorites!

Your 2022 Favorites!

From #10 to #1, there are a lot of surprises this year. This may be the first time my Louisiana merch was not in the majority! One of them you loved so much, it’s currently sold out. If you still need to get your hands on a Wishbone pin, stay tuned!

This was the year I decided to keep a stock of key chains, so I’m excited that one cracked the top 5 and number 2 no less! Without further ado:

10: Gotta Be Sticker

9. Elder Millennial Sticker

8. Wishbone Enamel Pin

7. Louisiana Layers Sticker

6. Salty & Spicy Sticker

5. Be Weird Sticker

4. You Are My Sunshine Enamel Pin

3. Louisiana Pelican Blues Sticker

2. Lake Charles Key Chain


1. Books More Than People Enamel Pin!

Thanks for being here another year! Here's a promo code for 25% off all top 10 products: 22TOP10. Code Expires 12/31.

Thanks for another excellent year! Here’s to more fun things (YAY!) and less bad things (BOOOOOOOOO!) in 2023!

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