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Locking Magnet Pin Back

Locking Magnet Pin Back

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Turn your pins into magnets!

Secure your pins without the fuss with Locking Magnet Pin Backs! No more fumbling with small pin backs, these locking magnet pins secure your favorite pins with ease. With versatility galore, easily move from jacket to any magnetic surface without having to re-pin. 

These locking pin backs will keep your pins securely where you put them AND they're magnetic! 

Rad Backs can be used to wear your enamel pins on your clothes, bags, lanyards, etc. OR turn ANY enamel pin into a magnet! These premium, rainbow anodized, locking magnetic pin backs are the perfect solution for all your flair needs. Rad Backs are sold in packs of 10.

Created by Rad Girl Creations

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